Henrywest Factory

Henry West Furniture is still largely hand made by skilled Kenyan craftsmen many of whom have been trained by the Company. We are proud of the fact that we are perpetuating traditional skills which are slowly but surely being lost as furniture manufacturers worldwide turn to mass production utilising high technology mechanisation which in no way can replicate the uniqueness of a genuine hand made piece of furniture

Henrywest Factory

Many pieces of Henry West Furniture are embellished by finely carved details. As with the other traditional skills that are employed great importance is placed on keeping alive the mastery of wood carving. Today there are machines that will perform this task perfectly and without any imperfections but it is precisely the fact that with hand carving there will always be small irregularities that differentiates between machine carving and the work of a true craftsman.

Henrywest Factory

In this day and age of sprayed finishes, Henry West Furniture is distinctive in that all our furniture is painstakingly polished manually. Whether it be traditional french polish or a more contemporary oiled or waxed finish, nothing can compare with the patina that can be achieved with this laborious process.

Henrywest Factory

Henry West Furniture eschews modern upholstery techniques where the sole purpose is to produce upholstered furniture in the quickest possible time and for maximum profit. Instead we utilise orthodox methods that produce results which will stand the test of time.


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Henry West Furniture Ltd was established in Kenya in the year 1977. The company was founded by Kenyan born, Henry Clive West, who trained in Furniture Design at the London College of Furniture.


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